Mount Florida Studios presents an exhibition of archival material selected by Alex Williamson. The chosen material casts light on a startling trend in the tampering of truth, i.e., the process of cherry picking facts to support a claim whilst ignoring any contradictory information.
Designed to look at a variety of examples of partial truths, blinkered research, and intentional cover-ups, this show also tests the analytic prowess of the viewer.

Nora Sandman presents her own account of that one time when she totally kidnapped some kid. Completely by accident, mind. She was just buying some drugs, or at least just intending to buy some drugs. Which she doesn’t do, so she was nervous. And she didn’t know the guy. Anyway, she accidentally picked up this kid, I think he was waiting for his mom, or something, and she just told him to get in. She was scared, he was scared, it was all very uncomfortable. Then she turned to her right, and saw that this kid was way more scared than her, and probably not the guy she wanted, actually.
I don’t remember how the situation was resolved.

C C C provides a series of images from an ongoing investigation titled Baldessari's Balls. The series seems to suggest a possible link between an image from John Baldessari’s Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts), 1973, the constellation Orion and the layout of the great pyramids of Egypt. Since their discovery of this apparent connection the collective has taken hundreds of polaroid photographs attempting to replicate this “coincidental” formation - to date the results remain inconclusive.

RSJ Engineering was commissioned by the North Korean government to produce a prototype for a pressure suit glove. This is clear evidence that North Korea is developing a space program in secret. By gaining access to the locking mechanism on the glove NK would be able to apply that technology to the building of the rest of a space suit. This is one of many examples of NK commissioning the production of technology under false pretences.

You ARE Here 2016
Framed photocopy with marker
35 x 47 cm