Are you between the ages 18 and 37? Do you find yourself hiding under a duvet in your mother's closet? If so, you're not alone.

Williamson's show examines the anxieties plaguing the new working class, otherwise known as the Millennials. It was supposed to be the generation of the future. With better education, bigger opportunities and instant access to anything and everything thanks to smartphones and the Internet, one could ask: what can't they achieve? Surely, they'd all be leaders of a free world! At the very least, one was certain their master's degree-wielding daughter would be lounging in a corner office between palm tree vacations and dinners with her financial planner.

But it's 2017 and financial anxiety, job insecurity and hopelessness are virulent symptoms of this life. Williamson meshes the tradition of workers' uniforms with contemporary corporate design, branding many specific fears of young people. Whether never owning a home or taking multiple temp jobs to make ends meet, these realities are shared experiences. But a sense of unity in struggling together is complicated by an isolating sense of desperation. Packaging this pessimism, bringing it to market; the artist unveils a uniform disguising the next wave of dissent.

"Wear your uniform," says Williamson. "It's your job."

Limited edition uniforms available for sale.