SNAKES!! Is an exhibition of recent work by Alex Williamson drawing from traditions of quilting and comedy as a means of finding catharsis and comfort. In these works a search for relief is self-consciously presented as an absurdist joke.
In an acknowledgement of his shortcomings in dealing with and expressing grief in a straightforward manner, a simple narrative has been spun into a web of contradictory presentations of truth. These works pit a childish fantasy against the scornful dictatorial voice of a disembodied arsehole (or the voice of reason), which alternately narrates the scene and addresses the snake protagonists directly. The cyclic, stunted allegory ‘snakes fly, no they don’t’ is reflective of repetitive and unhelpful thought patterns which when sped up nears a vibratory state of double-think, or madness.

Or just, ‘lol, snakes don’t fly’